Ian Wood

Associate Broker, Realtor®



Ian Wood is a 12 year veteran to Real Estate in Utah. Residing in Sugarhouse, he serves clients on both the Wasatch Front and Back. With extensive experience in helping buyers, sellers, builders, and investors accomplish their goals, his unique skill sets are matched with unparalleled customer service and backed by Coldwell Banker's world renowned marketing services. Never afraid of a deal too big nor too small, Ian takes pride in serving his clients and making every deal a win-win for every party involved in a transaction.


Professional Services and qualifications


  • International President's Elite Award Recipient 2016

  • Top 15 Teams- Coldwell Banker 

  • 12 years of full-time, Real Estate experience

  • Member of Salt Lake City and Park City Board of Realtors

  • Board of Directors for the Utah Council of Residential Specialists

  • Accredited Buyer Representative

  • Certified New Homes Specialist

  • Residential Construction Certified

  • e-Pro Certified Internet Marketing

  • Backed by Coldwell Banker- THE World's Leader in Real Estate


  • A broad understanding of Utah's Real Estate climate 

  • Unparalleled, global marketing strategies

  • Expertise in Utah's unique neighborhoods 

  • Targeted home searches tailored to buyer's needs

  • Face-to-face interaction with clients

  • Active local networking and community involvement

  • Project development strategies

  • Investment analysis 

  • Superior negotiation skills

  • Vacation and 2nd Home marketing

  • Land identification, acquisition, and sales

  • Luxury Marketing at ALL price points


Ever looked in the rear view mirror and wondered how the last week, month, or decade passed you by? Well, as I write this introduction I'm humbled by the fact that I’ve been driving the streets of the real estate industry in Utah for nearly 12 years. At the tender age of 21 I entered this business not knowing how bumpy the road would be nor how difficult it would be to find my destination, but I’ve welcomed the challenge with open arms, a passion for helping people achieve the American Dream of home ownership, and a desire to be the best person and Realtor I can be.

I welcome difficult, because I know impossible doesn’t exist. Whether the story of my career as a full-time Realtor has had me weathering the Great Recession’s seemingly hopeless declining prices or fighting off the increased competition brought on by an accelerated, rebounding market we’ve experienced the last several years, it’s never been anything more than a difficult story problem. I wake up every morning grateful for the the opportunity to take the test and answer my clients’ questions about their story.

First time buyers have challenged me to help them understand the buying process and how to realize their dream of owning a home.

Sellers have trusted me to market the love they’ve put into their home and the loving memories it’s given back to them. And, of course, demanded of me the successful transition to the next chapter of their life in their dream home.

An institutional investor once approached my team to assist them in acquisition of rental homes in Salt Lake City for their portfolio. We helped them evaluate over 1,000 prospective property’s differed maintenance, expected rehab costs, anticipated rental income, and current vs. rehabed market values. Ultimately, they purchase over 150 homes through our shared efforts. With over a 8% NET cap rate on average and the appreciation they’ve seen the last several years since they purchased, this was a pretty cool story to be a part of. Oh… the portfolio also afforded their tenants the ability to rent-to-own these fully renovated to code homes. Really a downright cool project to be have been a part of.

In a more recent time, I found myself engaged with representing a builder who had 17 remaining lots in a new home development in Midway, UT. Several partners had invested in the project years prior, but sales were stagnant. In just a short couple months my marketing efforts and all but literally moving into the model home to learn what the community was all about generated contracts from buyer’s that would prove to outpace the entire previous year’s sales. I successfully turned 2 spec homes and 15 lots into $8.5 million dollars in sales in roughly a year and a half.

Today, the new chapter of my story is my recent move to Coldwell Banker. I’ve toyed with the idea of opening my own brokerage [one day] for years, but have never made the commitment because it has never aligned with my #1 priority in my business life, which is MY CLIENTS. This move has been an exciting one.  I vetted the opportunity of making a move with the goals and values I hold against the opportunities and benefits to my clients. Hands down… the support, the network, the people, the global presence, and so much more that I want to share with each and every one of you made this decision an exciting and rejuvenating one to make.

This has been a tiny snapshot of the brief 12 years I’ve been in this industry. It’s an “about me” page which is the most difficult story for me to put into writing because my success isn’t about me but directly correlated to the people I’ve surrounded myself in my business and personal life. I attribute my success to the people who have supported my journey in good times and bad. My family, friends, clients, colleagues, and mentors. These are the people who make my story worth telling. Thank you all!

To those who this introduction is the first you’ve heard of me,

Tell me your story. Maybe I can show you how I can help you sell or buy your first or second home on the Wasatch Front or Back. Maybe I can refer you an outstanding lender or a thorough home inspector. Maybe you’re in a different market and I can help you find a Realtor that cares about your goals as much as I do. Maybe, I can help you find the answers to your story problem and leave it in the rear view mirror.



Is it time to cash out your Equity?

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"Ian was great to work with. Very professional and willing to do whatever I needed him to do. He was very enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend him."
Lori F.-Home Buyer
"I worked with Ian Wood during my tenure as Director of Acquisitions for an institutionally funded investment firm buying single family homes along the Wasatch Front. Together with Ian, I evaluated hundreds of homes for potential investment. I found Ian's work ethic to be relentless and hisintegrity to be second to none. Ian worked to understand our objectives and investment criteria and regularly generated creative ideas that helped expand our pipeline. In addition to developing creative tools to cull the MLS, Ian worked tirelessly to inspect prospective investments on my behalf. I depended heavily on Ian's accuracy and attention to detail to ensure that all necessary property repairs were accounted for prior to purchasing any asset. Ian has a sound understanding of the costs associated with repairs and improvements. Ian always put my needs ahead of his own. Several times Ian put me onto properties that were outside of the scope of his territory and ensured that I had adequate support from other agents. Moreover, Ian also knew when to tell me I was paying too much even if it meant killing a prospective deal. I quickly came to trust his candor and value his opinions immensely. For these reasons and many others, it is without reservation that I recommend Ian Wood to anyone seeking a best in class real estate agent to help them with either buying or selling a home in Utah."
Nathan N.- Investor
"Ian was great! I have referred others his way and will continue to. In a market of uncertainty and challenges, Ian never lost site and motivation to sell our home. What sets him apart is his willingness to help and knowledge of our industry. Now more than ever is it not only important butabsolutely necessary to hire an agent. Not just to help educate you but to represent you. I will definitely contact Ian for my next transaction. Thank you Ian!!"
Heather J.- Home Seller
In a word save me a lot of time and money, I would send him 5 to 10 questions on houses a night and would have my answers by 10 AM on what properties I should look at and what ones I should stay away from. Ian would just listen (a rare thing to find) and answers his phone an amazing 96% of thetime. We could go and look at houses in a matter of an hour ( in most cases ) from when I would call him and know if we should move on a property and run away.
Patrick P.- Investor
Ian was an absolute fantastic agent to work with. He approached every situation with full knowledge and professionalism. Ian was not aggressive or assertive, just factual and realistic on each property I was interested in. Ian?s greatest benefit was his ability to explain and articulate all the?lingo? of purchasing a home in a very understandable and comprehensible way. He encouraged me to make the best decision for myself, not for him to make the sale. The best part of my experience was that he worked around my schedule, made himself available, and met me for showings at my convenience. Although my purchase was a short-sale and extremely lengthy, Ian never got discouraged. He kept close communication with me, the selling agent, and everyone else involved in the sale creating positive relationships with each. I couldn?t be happier with the house I purchased, at the deal I got it at, and the experience I had as a whole, which I owe all to Ian. I will recommend him to everyone.
Casey C.- Home Buyer